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The landscape of workplace Health and Safety looked quite different 20 years ago. Legislation in the area was vastly different, and from an environmental perspective we had very little understanding of our daily impact - and our sense of personal responsibility was minimal if non-existent. The word 'Sustainability' in a business context was as yet undiscovered.
Today and in ever increasing numbers, New Zealand companies are seeking fresh and informed health, safety and environmental guidance - not only to comply with existing regulations – but also as a key strategy to edge out the competition and increase brand loyalty.
Sustainable business strategies (including health, safety, environmental and quality) provide a valuable business edge in our highly competitive, ever-changing market. Add to this, the savings that can be made to your bottom line by fostering a positive safety culture.
Safetycare NZ Ltd was founded in 1998 to respond to growing demand for independent, straight-talking HSEQ advice. Since then we've been relentless in our goal to become the best safety, environmental and quality advisers in New Zealand; refining, tweaking and constantly educating ourselves to ensure we are delivering the most up to date, motivating solutions on the market.

We believe our success is measured by the success of our clients. We encourage the clients we work with to ask questions about the service and processes we undertake, which in turn helps us to find smart new solutions to the issues (potential or actual) we discover.  
The Safetycare team works from an office in Titirangi, Waitakere. We also invest in the building and strengthening of specialist partnerships to further enhance the service portfolio. With qualifications and hands on experience in numerous industry sectors, Safetycare staff provide a rich source of relevant and motivating safety, environmental, quality and sustainability services - including certification and auditing, training, and coaching for business. Read more about our services here.