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Babcock Fitzroy

Looking for a simple, smart solution to reach HS&E compliance, Babcock Fitzroy  enlisted the specialist help of Safetycare to add capacity to their existing team. Safetycare went about setting up a programme which was easy to understand and practical for their requirements. This allowed Safetycare to then 'hand over the reigns' once the system was in place - upskilling and empowering staff.

Chris explains:

"On the launch of the 2008 council-lead EnviroSmart environmental programme initiative, Tony was assigned to guide us through the development of our EMS and the accreditation process.  Within a year, our site was accredited to Enviro-Mark Gold, and we continue to run a successful environmental programme.

"Since then, we contracted Tony to conduct a full audit of our health & safety management systems to ‘red flag’ any gaps and recommend areas for improvement leading to our next ACC WSMP Tertiary audit. As a result of his report and feedback on the day, our team now has the confidence and peace of mind that nothing was overlooked.

"Tony was able to show us the simplest and smartest way to conform with audit requirements and we appreciated his consultative and practical approach with our team. 

"Our site is unique and challenging for both our EMS and other management systems, how ever the lessons learnt from the EnviroSmart and now Enviro-Mark have helped us to overcome these challenges and ensure that the environment in this wonderful part of the Waitemata harbour is protected and preserved for those that will follow us in the future."

"I would certainly recommend Tony and will continue to enlist his advisory services in future."

Chris Halliday | Quality Systems Manager
Babcock Fitzroy

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