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Coca-Cola Amatil (NZ) Ltd

With a robust programme in place, Coca-Cola Amatil were seeking an Auditor for their ACC WSMP audit day. Safetycare's accredited auditor Tony Walton worked with the Coca-Cola Amatil team on the day, providing positive feedback and keeping the experience both professional and light-hearted for all participants.

"Thank you Tony... this is a great report and leaves me feeling very proud of the commitment of our team! We appreciate the recommendations - great to have your feedback on how we can continue to improve!"
Robynne Sam | Safety & Wellbeing Consultant
Coca-Cola Amatil (NZ) Ltd

"A very comprehensive report. Further, you are spot on with your recommendations - in all instances we have picked-up the same in our business planning programmes for 2011!! Look forward to working with you again in the future."
Catherine King | National Health & Safety Manager
Coca-Cola Amatil (NZ) Ltd

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