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Fumacare NZ

Fumacare initially engaged with Safetycare with a focus of constant improvement in all areas. The team were committed to ensuring their staff stayed safe, happy, and loyal, and wanted to ensure a generous ROI for their hard work, through overall business savings and more efficient systems and processes. By gaining multiple accreditation's, Fumacare also enjoy the obvious benefit of market differentiation.

To achieve this result required some specialist knowledge. The relationship with Safetycare is consistent and ongoing, with Tony managing all HSE&Q processes, leading initiatives that roll out through two branches, nationwide.

Fumacares' Director Ray Butler explains:

"Fumacare have contracted the services of Safetycare NZ Ltd as our professional HSE&Q advisers. Tony Walton – Director of Safetycare, has developed and championed our Health and Safety, Environmental, and Quality programmes, which has lead Fumacare to reach WSMP Tertiary level, maintain the Enviro-Mark Diamond status, and receive the ISO 9001 Quality accreditation in just three years.

"Tony has lead all three programmes, is always there to support us and to liaise with the auditors on audit day to ensure a successful outcome. He is proactive and methodical in his approach, and ensures consistent buy-in and involvement from the Fumacare team. Tony leads our internal HSE&Q Management Committee, ensuring the communication lines remain open so the programmes remain active and effective.
"We would certainly recommend Tony for any business looking to reach higher accreditation or levels of HSE&Q excellence in their organisation."
Ray Butler | Company Director
Fumacare Limited

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