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PAE (New Zealand) Ltd

Diane Sprowell shares her experiences of working with Safetycare at a recent audit: 

“PAE (New Zealand) Limited is a national provider of facilities management and operational support services.  PAE has held Tertiary status in the ACC Partnership Programme/ACC WSMP Programme since 2000 and when considering the appointment of an auditor for our 2012 ACC WSMP Renewal Audit, I was not comfortable in engaging an internal ACC auditor under the new arrangements, so picked three from the list of ACC approved auditors.  Tony was very responsive following my email and was the only one to provide me with a schedule of costs for the audit for sign off by PAE’s Chief Executive.  For an extremely busy person, this made the process very easy for me.
"From there I was very quickly able to contract Tony to conduct our ACC WSMP Audit at PAE Fonterra (the ACC selected site).  Being well prepared for the audit and having an auditor who was knowledgeable and made the whole PAE team feel very comfortable (including the employees interviewed as part of the Focus Group Interviews), the whole process was stress-free and very positive. 

"In his audit report, Tony provided some practical recommendations as to how we could refresh some aspects of our Health & Safety system which are now in progress.   Unlike some previous audits, I felt that as a result of Tony’s approach to the audit on the day, while requiring absolute compliance with the audit standards, he provided valuable learning opportunities for our site team.
"I would thoroughly recommend Tony to any company that is seeking an efficient, cost effective audit solution.”

Diane Sprowell Dip HSM| National Business System Manager  
PAE (New Zealand) Limited
June 2012

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