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Health and Safety Products

If you are keen to manage your own solution for workplace health and safety, it's likely you'll be needing some of the products below to complete your project. Each of the product files are fully editable, enabling you to personalise them with your workplace details and logo.

All of the Safetycare products have been used by Safetycare to assist clients through the formal WSMP auditing process - so you know they are effective.  Many of the products below come populated with example entries, making it easy for you to create your own personalised documentation.

Regardless of whether you are preparing for audit, or just wanting to get a workplace safety programme in place, Safetycare products will make the job much easier.

Green-Strike.gifHealth and Safety Policy template - $15.99
An essential document to ensure your health and safety rules and intentions are known by all staff.
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Green-Strike.gif WSMPWSMP Internal Audit template - $18.99
Is your programme working? Find out with this self-help audit tool. A requirement for ACC WSMP, or a smart move for those not in the programme.
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Green-Strike.gifVisitor & Contractor Sign In Form - $12.99
With site specific emergency procedures pre-populated for easy implementation.
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Green-Strike.gifManagement Safety Procedure: $15.99
Four editable pages of site specific procedures for your business. Essential for your WSMP Certification.
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Green-Strike.gifHazard Register template - $24.99
Keep all workplace hazards in one place - categorised by Eliminate/Isolate/Minimise, with date prompts for review and staff accountability.
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Green-Strike.gif H&S Committee Meeting template - $8.99
This template will help you run effective Safety Meetings including prompts and checklists.
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Green-Strike.gif Staff Training Matrix template -  $10.99
All staff, all qualifications, all competencies - all in one place. Keep tabs on staff licences and training requirements including new H&S inductions.
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Green-Strike.gifOrganisational Chart Matrix template - $8.99
Including colour coding and H&S involvement such as Fire Wardens and First Aiders.
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Keen to order? No problem. Simply email your request by clicking on the links above. Once payment is recorded you'll receive your items via email within the next working day.

Have something you need that you can't find it here? We aren't able to list all our templates here (there are hundreds of them), so email us to access our library by letting us know which document you are after. nvironmental Software Porta

Managing all your documents can become a time consuming process, especially if you are managing the events and processes relating to your environmental programme. Adopting an online portal for all your environmental documents could be a way of ensuring not only that nothing is forgotten, but that you remain proactive in your environmental initiatives. Contact us to find out more or to arrange a demo of the software.