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Environmental Solutions for Business

Taking the environmental initiative can provide businesses with significant savings in waste collection and energy reduction. Great for businesses looking to upskill and empower themselves into being more environmentally friendly in their business.
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  • Workplace Environmental Training
  • Energy Saving Audit
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Environmental Software
  • Environmental Programmes 
  • Environmental 
    Documentation (IP)
  • Enviro-Mark coaching
  • ECOWarranty auditing & coaching
  • ISO14001 coaching
  • FSC Chain of Custody coaching

To save on project time, Safetycare are happy to utilise any existing programme resources you have, whether they were generated in-house or by a former consultant. Safetycare will also use comprehensive templates to accelerate our service to you, saving time by eliminating the need to start from scratch on each project. 

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  • Two convenient Environmental Packages for you to choose from