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Environmental Packages

Know where you want to go, but not sure about which services you need to get there?

Packaged service solutions offer both convenience and cost efficiency, by packaging together our most popular services. Packaged service solutions are most popular with businesses who have limited internal capacity, or who benefit from on call expert help. You have two choices:

Green-Strike_sml.gifEnvironmental Mini:

Looking to get accredited through the Enviro-Mark, FSC, EcoWarranty, or ISO14001 programmes? Need a robust system that will ensure you pass your audit? This package will ensure you reach your desired level of certification, with a minimum of fuss and hassle. More...

Green-Strike_sml.gifEnvironmental Max:

Maintaining your certification can be difficult if you don't have the capacity or experience to run a comprehensive EMP. Safetycare can help you make yours a living, breathing programme - ensuring staff buy-in and involvement, and making sure important dates and tasks are not overlooked.