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Environmental Mini

Keen to reduce waste and energy costs?
Losing business because of a lack of certification?

You probably already know a little of what it takes to become certified, but you’re not sure if you know enough to pass an audit. Sometimes being pointed in the right direction is all that is needed – especially if this is your first time through the process.
Environmental Mini is designed to coach you through the set up of an EMP, with the goal of reaching a successful ISO 14001, FSC, ECOWarranty, or Enviro-Mark audit outcome. When our help is no longer needed, you’ll own your new environmental programme. This means that if you choose to, you can drive the programme without our ongoing assistance, and, if you keep it active, your programme will save in preparation costs when your next audit rolls around.

Sound good? Want to know what’s involved?

The Environmental Mini package is a simple, short term commitment between Safetycare and your organisation. Its primary purpose is to get you through a successful Enviro-Mark, FSC, ECOWarranty, or ISO14001 audit. The investment for Environmental Mini will depend on your current environmental programme (if you have one), and how hands on you choose to be.

Some of what you'll receive:

  • Impacts and Aspects Register
  • Environmental Policy
  • Visitor Sign In Form
  • Objectives and Targets Register
  • Environmental Induction Checklist



  • 1 hour site inspection & information gathering
  • 1 hour training meeting


All forms are provided in Word format for easy manipulation and updating. Request a package price by phoning or emailing us with the details of your workplace health and safety goals, and the time frame to which you are working. If an onsite visit is necessary to evaluate your current situation (to ensure an accurate quote), this can be arranged. 


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