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Environmental Services

Some businesses are looking to environmental programmes to save money on energy and to reduce their waste to landfill. Others are feeling pressure from suppliers and clients to implement a recognised environmental programme -essential when bidding for tenders and contracts.  

No doubt about it, businesses are showing an increased awareness of their own and others' environmental responsibilities. Take your pick from the wide selection of workplace environmental solutions below. 

Green-Strike.gifIn-House Environmental Training
You choose the length, topic and group size - personalised sessions for best results.
Green-Strike.gif In-house Waste and Energy Audit:
Identify opportunities to save on energy bills.  .


Green-Strike.gifEnvironmental Culture Development:
Achieve team buy-in, create energy, and ensure
your programme remains alive and active.

Green-Strike.gifFootprint/Impact Analysis:
Calculating your impact on the environment
as a benchmark for change.

Green-Strike.gifEffective Management of Aspects and Impacts/Environmental Policies:
Learn best practise and save time.
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Green-Strike.gifEnvironmental Committee Coaching:
Group coaching for new or established health,
safety and environmental committees.
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Safetycare also provide Environmental Accreditation in the Enviro-Mark, FSC, ISO14001, and ECOWarranty certifications. Contact us to find out more.

In-House Environmental Training
Getting the whole team to engage with your environmental initiatives can take time and perseverance. It is important to ensure your team buy-in to company-wide initiatives. To make that happen, you need to ensure they have a good understanding of the environmental initiatives your businesses is working towards. In-house environmental training helps ensure a consistent message is being told. Find out more or request a quote.

Workplace Energy Audit:
Workplace Energy Audits help identify opportunities to save on energy bills. An informal process, internal audits normally take around 2-hours onsite, and are followed with a comprehensive report outlining your opportunities for change. Save money, and create your benchmarks for future reporting. Find out more by getting in touch with us.

Environmental Culture Development: 
Do you have a desire to create energy, and ensure your programme remains alive and active? Getting team buy-in on a new programme can take time - time you may not have. If you want to speed up the process of culture change, a session with our advisers could be just the ticket to fast track progress. Find out more by asking us about Environmental Culture Development.

Footprint/Impact Analysis:
Until you understand where you are, you can't make plans to improve in the future. Calculating your environmental footprint is a good way of setting a benchmark for change in your organisation. Conducting a footprint analysis will gather the data necessary to gauge your businesses impact on the environment, and in doing so identify opportunities for change. With change, comes energy savings, waste reduction, and increased awareness. Contact us to find out more.

Effective Management of Aspects and Impacts/Environmental Policies:
Your Aspects and Impacts Register is one of the most powerful documents in an Environmental Programme. It provides businesses with all the information required to plan for future improvements, by understanding the impact, legal requirements, and controls surrounding each and every environmental hazard on site. Your Aspects and Impacts Register - once established, can then generate for you your Objectives and Targets for the coming months. Essential documents, and a must have for anyone considering a new environmental programme. Ask us for more info.

Environmental Committee Coaching:
Whether you are a newly established committee, or  a long-standing team, the training provided in ‘Committee Coaching’ groups is designed to make you more effective, positive and accountable for all tasks relating to your environmental programme. Inject some energy into your team today. Request a quote or ask us a question.