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HSEQ Programme Integration

Integrate Your Programmes For Greater Efficiency

While each of your three systems (safety, environmental and quality) can exist as a stand-alone entity, there are many common elements that can make integration into, for example, an HSEQ Managment System a feasible and cost effective alternative.

Integration across different programmes seems logical - and it also makes those processes eaiser to manage - freeing up your time and resources for other things. Implementing three systems together at the one time can save you as much as 30-50%, compared to implementing the same systems separately.

Safetycare have created comprehensive, integrated HSEQ management templates to help you integrate your programmes with ease. We've added Quality Certification (ISO9001) to our portfolio, enabling businesses for the first time to integrate all three certifications efficiently and without hassle.

Some Key Benefits of Integration:

  • An integrated approach facilitates a holistic philosophy to business planning and review.
  • Integration removes dublication that may exist within procedures, policies and records.
  • Streamlining of processes and procedures simplifies the way a business operates, improving communication by providing a single focus.
  • Allows you to work with minimal documentation.

What Can I Expect?

Working with Safetycare, you'll learn how to merge Team Training, Committee Meeting, and Internal Auditing requirements into one easy process. You'll be given templates that manage all your certification registers, objectives and targets - eliminating double handling, and preventing you from overlooking essential aspects of your programme.

Come audit time, you'll work with one folder - not a mountain of ringbinders and documents, potentially reducing the time it takes to complete your audit. You can also choose to combine your audits to further simplify the process.

Integrating your programmes is logical and sensible. It will save you time, allow you to avoid overlooking important aspects of your different programmes, and promote more effective buy-in from your organisation at all levels. Because your different programmes merge into one, implementing an integrated programme with Safetycare will cost less than you think.

Find Out More...

Request your quote with us today, by detailing which programmes you currently have and any audit dates or programme goals you have for your organisation. We'll get in touch and discuss the options, so you can make an informed decision. Phone us free on 0800 703 307, or email the Safetycare team on info@safetycare.co.nz.