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Health and Safety Certification

Workplace Safety Certification Programmes

Looking at implement a new workplace safety programme for your business? Not sure where to start?

Safetycare support businesses looking for assistance in the implementation of a new workplace safety programme. We provide personalised templates and information designed to fast-track the set-up process; and our in-house training ensures penetration of new ideas and processes at an organisation-wide level.

The time it takes to get you ready for audit will depend on the complexities of your workplace, the size of your organisation, and what processes you have in place already to support a healthy working environment.

We encourage your hands on involvement in establishing a new workplace safety programme, which will require the establishment of a Health and Safety Committee and the implementation of a hazard register and workplace safety programme. This process usually takes an average of six weeks to complete, at which point an auditor is booked to conduct the audit.

On completion of your workplace safety audit, the auditor will provide a full report of their findings, including any corrective actions required to pass the audit, and recommendations for improvement.


Solution One:

Workplace Safety Managment Practices (WSMP) from ACC

  • Three levels of attainment (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
  • Provides ACC Levy discounts of 10-20%
  • Recognised in New Zealand




Solution Two:

AS/NZS4801 AU & NZ Safety Management system standard
  • Easily integrated with other management systems
  • Recognised in New Zealand and Australia


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ACC WSMP Auditing and Coaching Services

WSMP is the Workplace Safety Management Practices programme from the ACC, designed for businesses in New Zealand. The programme allows businesses to receive discounts off their ACC Levies, based on their level of WSMP Certification and experience rating.

How Can My Business Receive Levy Discounts?

You can receive discounts off your ACC Levies by joining the ACC WSMP Programme, and by reducing the number of accidents and incidents that happen on your site.

ACC Levies are calculated based on experience rating, with the relevant discount percentage from your ACC WSMP certification coming off this total. Experience rating means that premiums (levies) for individual employers reflect both their industry’s and their own performance or experience.

Adjusting levies to take into account a business’s claims experience will encourage employers to invest in safer workplace cultures, which will protect employees and help employers contain their levy costs. Contact us to find out more.

In order to maintain your WSMP certification, you are required to successfully pass an audit every two years. You are also required to conduct an internal audit bi-annually to ensure your programme is being maintained. It is up to you which level you are audited at (Primary, Secondary or Tertiary) - talk to us about which level would best suit your organisation, or discover more about the WSMP certification package.

Finding an ACC WSMP Auditor

If you are confident you have what it takes to implement your own WSMP programme, and are just needing an auditor, Safetycare can help. Tony Walton is an approved WSMP Auditor, and works with businesses in the greater Auckland region and beyond. To check availability and auditing dates, simply send Tony an email.

Who Can Help Us Get Organised?

Getting organised to implement a workplace safety programme is as easy as picking up the phone, or send an email to Tony Walton, Safetycare's Workplace Safety Adviser.