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Health and Safety Packages

Know where you want to go, but not sure about which services you need to get there?

Packaged service solutions offer both convenience and cost efficiency, by packaging together our most popular services. These packaes are most popular with businesses who don't have internal specialists, or who are  running at maximum capacity.

Green-Strike_sml.gif Green-Strike_sml.gifHealth and Safety Basix

Unsure what you need in a safety programme? Looking for guidance on your existing safety systems, or perhaps need a new programme?

The Basix package is a simple, short term commitment between Safetycare and your organisation, which will help get you on the right track for workplace compliance. More...

Green-Strike_sml.gifHealth and Safety Intermediate

Do you work with contractors and sub-contractors? Finding it difficult to manage your workplace hazards?

If your business doesn’t have specialist internal resources, or if you find it more effective to work with a results-driven external party, then outsourcing the task of health and safety is a smart solution. More...

Green-Strike_sml.gifHealth and Safety Certification

Need a more robust system that will ensure your safety systems are compliant? Want to become ACC Certified through the WSMP Programme? 

This programme will ensure you reach your desired level of accreditation, with a minimum of fuss and hassle. More...