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Health and Safety Intermediate

Do you work with contractors and sub-contractors? Are you finding it difficult to manage your workplace hazards?

If your business doesn’t have specialist internal resources, or if you find it more effective to work with a results-driven external party, then outsourcing the task of health and safety is a smart solution.

In working with Safetycare you’ll be guaranteeing qualified, experienced coaching from professionals, trained to lead you through the ongoing compliance, and consistent improvement process.

Best of all - you remain in control. We want to avoid surprises, and ensure you are proactive and consistent in your approach to workplace health and safety.

All systems and processes we design for you remain your property. Your health and safety programme will be live, accessible, and personalised. Would you like to minimise confusion, encourage buy-in, and save time within your organisation?

Here's what you get:

Your Personalised Health & Safety Booklet, including:

  • Safety Communications & Responsibilities
  • Accidents/Incident Management Procedures
  • Staff Safety Induction Procedures

Health & Safety Forms & Templates, including:

  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Visitor Sign In Form
  • Contractor Sign In Forms and Documents
  • Accident/Incident Register template
  • Safety Induction Checklist
  • Site Specific Hazard Register

Personalised Training and Coaching, including:

  • 1 hour site inspection & information gathering
  • 2 hour training meeting

The investment will depend on the complexities and risks of your site/s, how current and effective your existing health and safety programme is (if you have one) and your accreditation goals. All forms are provided in Word format for easy manipulation and updating. Ongoing coaching is available.

Phone us to tell us about your organisation and your desired goals, and we’ll arrange a time to meet for a site visit. After this visit, we’ll prepare your package for you - and on sign off, get to work on implementation. The sooner you start, the sooner you get the results you need. Contact us today.

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Ask us for more information, or head to Health and Safety Services.