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Health and Safety Services

Take your pick from the wide selection of workplace health and safety solutions below.

Green-Strike.gifEffective Management of Hazards and Safety Policies: Learn best practice and save time.
Green-Strike.gifWorkplace Hazard Inspection: Develop your hazard register to reduce the frequency of workplace injuries.
Green-Strike.gifIn-House Safety Training: You choose the length, topic and group size - personalised sessions for best results.
Green-Strike.gif Workstation Evaluation: One-on-one coaching to help prevent workstation injuries.
Green-Strike.gifHazardous Substance Management: Ensure you comply with current legislation, while keeping staff safe.
Green-Strike.gif Safety Management Manuals, Forms & Templates: The DIY version of a safety programme, personalised for your business.
Green-Strike.gifHealth and Safety Committee Coaching: Group coaching for new or established health, safety and environmental committees.
Green-Strike.gifSafety Culture Development: Achieve team buy-in, create energy, and ensure your programme remains alive and active.
Green-Strike.gif Accident Investigations: Providing guidance to achieve the best outcome possible in your negotiations with the Department of Labour.
Green-Strike.gifHearing Tests: Want to ensure your team are protecting their hearing at work? Set a benchmark and prevent damage with staff hearing tests.

Safetycare also provide qualified ACC WSMP Auditing services to businesses. Find out more.

Effective Management of Hazards and Safety Policies:

A health and safety policy is a crucial document in any workplace, as it outlines your commitment to ensuring the health and safety of staff on site. This document is also a must-have for ACC WSMP accreditation, and must be backed with robust systems to ensure your staff stay save. Get your policies and safety commitments in order. Book now or ask us for more details.

Workplace Hazard Inspection:
Identifying, understanding, and then managing your workplace hazards is an integral part of any workplace health and safety programme - and an essential element in any safety accreditation. To minimise risk and reduce the frequency of workplace injuries, you must first be able to identify your workplace hazards. As part of the service, we'll give you a editable, completed Hazard Register. Book now or ask us for more details.

In-House Safety Training:
Our highly experienced trainer will assist you in the process of  upskilling your team. All areas of workplace health and safety can be taught, and all training is personalised to your sector. You choose the topic, the group size and who attends. We'll do the rest. Email us for a quote or call us to discuss your ideas (0800 703 307).

Workstation Evaluation:
Are your staff complaining of aches and pains? Regardless of whether they are caused by the working environment, you have an obligation as an employer to ensure staff health and wellbeing. Workstation assessments can prevent injury by educating staff as to correct posture and workstation setup. They may also reduce future ACC Levies by preventing existing injuries getting any worse. Book now or ask us for more details.

Hazardous Substance Management:
Even after going through the required DG training, some find it difficult to know for certain if they are compliant. Cut to the chase and obtain the ‘thumbs up’ from a trained professional in the field. Book now or ask us for more details

Safety Management Manuals, Forms & Templates:
In 20 years we’ve developed a comprehensive library of templates and documents to assist in the effective management of workplace safety. This IP is available to you, if you are a hands on type person who prefers a little DIY. Request your personalised documentation and IP here.

Heath and Safety Committee Coaching:
Whether you are a newly established safety committee, or  a long-standing team, the training provided in ‘Committee Coaching’ groups is designed to make you more effective, positive and accountable for all tasks relating to your safety programme. Inject some energy into your team today. Request a quote or ask us a question.

Safety Culture Development:
If your initiatives aren’t having the far-reaching effects you’d hoped for, you may benefit from the experience and insight of our safety culture specialist. Having influenced many change-management projects, our trainer will coach those of most influence in the strategies behind effective safety culture. Request a quote or ask us for more details.

Accident Investigations:
Just experienced a ‘serious harm’ incident in your workplace? Working with the Department of Labour to resolve the issues and not sure what to say? We’ve helped hundreds of clients through this process, working with you to ensure an outcome which is best for the employee, the business and the Department of Labour.  Request a quote or ask us a question.

Hearing Tests:
Sometimes claims are made against employers for pre-existing hearing conditions, but unless you have a benchmark to work from, you won’t know if your site is contributing to the loss of hearing in your staff. Set the benchmark with new staff, and be proactive in ensuring existing staff are protected at work. Request hearing tests for your staff or ask us a question.