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Sustainability Services

If done well, a sustainability programme can provide a true competitive advantage.

"Most companies - whether currently embracers or not - are looking toward a world where sustainability is becoming a mainstream, if not required, part of the business strategy. Those not already putting sustainability at the heard of their business, will need to do so in the near term."

Source: Sustainability: The 'Embracers' Seize Advantage (February 2011)


Green-Strike.gifIn-House Sustainability Training

Learning about sustainability can be truly transformative and can challenge people of all ages and backgrounds to think and act in new ways.

Green-Strike.gif Triple Bottom Line Coaching:

Find out how and why financial success increasingly goes hand in-hand with social and environmental achievement.  

In-House Sustainability Training

What is Sustainability, and what does it mean for your business? What are the benefits of implementing a sustainability programme, and how will it affect your daily operations? Sustainability is a fundamental approach to management that lets business protect and grow the resources they need to succeed. In-house sustainability training is a personalised approach to getting your team on the same page in your sustainability initiatives. Safetycare deliver two levels of training the first covers the basics of business sustainability, including the three spheres of business sustainability.

These are:
  • Standards of Living (education, community and equal opportunity)
  • Economic (profit, cost savings, economic growth, R&D)
  • Environmental (natural resource use, environmental management, pollution prevention)

Depending on your goals for workplace sustainability, you may wish to progress into our advanced sustainability training. The advanced training will challenge the thinking of your team and encourage creative results, by looking deeper at a range of activities and practical tips to help you in your sustainability initiatives.

The Advanced Sustainability Session will encourage participants into:

  • Rethinking some of our most basic assumptions
  • Considering creative solutions
  • Communicating honestly and navigating emotions
  • Balancing challenges with a realistic optimism
Sound like something your team could benefit from? Find out more.


Triple Bottom Line Coaching:

Your company's sweet spot is where its financial interests coincide with social and environmental interests. In this 2-hr coaching session, we'll look at the three areas of sustainability: Economic, Environmental, and Social, and look at the bottom line on each - identifying where your opportunities lye for improvement and savings. Find out what else we'll cover, and how we'll personalise it for your business by getting in touch.